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Theodore Smith
Theodore Smith


Some people think that that is the origin of the term, not because of the food there, but more because the traditional format of bullfights (corridas de toros) has a succession of three bullfighters; however, there is no clear connection.


But for this branding project, "Corrida" is too short and "la corrida de toros" is too long. "La Corrida" would be perfect but is this a good translation of The Bullfight? My research suggests the meaning is accurate but it might be a bad name.

If your product is going to be marketed in Spain I strongly recommend you don't name it that way as "una/la corrida" is slang for ejaculation.(Plus half of the country is regularly against bullfighting in recent surveys).That said, if it's not going to be marketed in Spain then...go for it I guess.

But be careful, this could help your product to gain popularity, if I were to see it in a shop like "La corrida", I would surely take a picture to send it to my friends or upload it on Twitter. Also watch out for inappropriate names, it can be considered rude. As I said before, it all depends on the environment where you sell it. 041b061a72


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