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Theodore Smith

How to Apply IEEE 80-2013 Standards for AC Substation Grounding Design and Analysis

For those who may need it, SoftFloat versions preceding Release 3have been updated to Release 2c (2015 January).The only changes in this release compared to earlier releases 2aand 2b are these:Some bugs are fixed that affected correct compilation for some64-bit processors only.The documentation has been improved in minor ways.The restrictions on legal use have been further clarified (not applicable toRelease 3 or later).If you have been successfully using Release 2a or 2bon a 32-bit processor (or compiled as though for a32-bit processor), you probably do not need to download archive,[108 kB].

See the Sourceforge download page for the last released version including source and binary packages for Linux - amd64, Microsoft Windows - x86, Microsoft Windows - amd64 and Mac OS X - ppc and amd64.

download ieee 80

Major Linux distributions take care of SDCC installation packages themselves and you will find SDCC in their repositories. Unfortunately SDCC packages included in Linux disributions are often outdated. In this case users are encouraged to compile the latest official SDCC release or a recent snapshot build by themselves or download the pre-compiled binaries from Sourceforge download page.


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