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Buy Maplestory Equips

@ken: To get Fafnir equipment, you will need to complete 10 Normal RA (Root Abyss) runs to unlock the CRA (Chaos Root Abyss). To enter Chaos Root Abyss, you will need to be Level 180. To beat the boss, your damage needs to be at least 2 million range clean. Otherwise, join a strong guild to carry you through Chaos Root Abyss boss raid. CRA can only be done weekly. Upon completing the CRA, you will get pieces which is used to form the equipment. Example: 5 pieces are needed for either Hat/Pants/Shirt while weapon need 15 pieces. The quick way is to just spend meso to purchase the Fafnir equips from the Trade Market which is quite costly but its much faster and you can get the equips with the stats you need.

buy maplestory equips

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@Cififan: Hi, as mentioned by Anonymous, Tyrant does not provide any set bonus when equipping 2 or more equips of the same type. However, I could include them here but mentioned them as no bonus stats provided. However, Tyrant gears have boost in the stats they receive from enhancements, making a fully enhanced Tyrant item very powerful. The Tyrant gears which are not used are Tyrant belts or gloves, as they use the Gollux belt and the Mu Lung Dojo gloves instead for better stats.

Equipment plays a crucial part in your adventure across the Maple World. The stronger you get, you need higher level equips to gain more power. You can buy equips from the gear shop, but sometimes monsters drop them as well.

Note: All stats listed on this page are the ones listed in the shop. All other stats are listed on the equips' individual pages. A (F) denotes equipment only female characters can use and a (M) denotes equipment only male characters can use.

I want to write this post as I am finally completed with ALL of my equips including my drop rate equipments. I gotten all my drop rate equips for free as shown below.These are all of my drop rate equipments that I gotten for free (not so free but I get funds from EBs, cores and CRA). I cubed 8 of my drop rate equipments using this method. Sell all the eb loots, cores and CRA shards drop and buy YC (Yellow cubes) and PC (Purple cubes) to cube all of my equips.And also there is a secret event that gives you red cube / black cube every 14 days (if you played Maple for quite a while and you should know what I mean). Get all your mules to do that secret event to get UNLIMITED number of red cubes and black cubes. I used this method to cube my pendant.As shown above, I got 180% drop rate now or equipment drop rate at 200% drop rate. Greed pendant adds 20% drop rate.This image below shows that my last equipment of my maple life has finally turned into legendary rank. After a painstaking 3-4 days of spamming purple cubes, this stubborn ring finally resulted in legendary rank and thereafter I cubed it to a drop rate ring (as shown above).The first purple cube that I used after it turned to legendary .... wor.... what is this.... what the fuk ... why I don't get 3 lines of boss on my weapon like below.I was on the verge to give up on cubing drop rate equipments after I cubed 6 of it, because it took me almost 6 months to cube all of those drop rate equips using free cubes. As you know those YC or PC in the FM has very very very low low low tier up rate (1-2% tier up rate). Sometimes, you used 200 PCs but there is no tier up at all. Sometimes, you use 2-5 PCs it changed rank. I found out that to tier up an equip from unique to legendary using the free purple cubes you need to prepare at least 20b-40b to be exact is approx 200 purple cubes to tier up. Greed pendant alone took me 1 month to cube from unique to legendary, I spammed purple cubes everyday on greed pendant. This is how hard it is to tier up using the free purple cubes!!!!This has proved it is POSSIBLE to get 5-6m or even 7m-8m range if you are determined and hardworking enough. This has proved if you don't give up, there is a way to do it. If you willing to do it, and willing to spend time and patience it is possible to get what you want in MapleSEA. One of the best item that I highly recommend to you to get is Perm hyper tele rock (costs 60k in cash shop). I used this rock to teleport around to hunt for eb (elite boss). Those loots help me to get YC and PC for free to cube those drop rate equips. Second thing that I recommend is that get a lot of mules to lvl 33, and do the daily gift to get UNLIMITED number of red / black cubes to cube your drop rate equips for free.That's it with grit and willingness, anything is possible....!Share this post in Facebook if you want me to write more on my secretive MapleSEA journey.

Set Items are equipment that grant various bonus effects if the player equips a specified number of equipment of the same set, and bonuses from Set Item stats are separately applied on top of the equipped equipment's stats.[1] 041b061a72


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