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Buy Opi Online

When I saw OPI's founder, Suzy Weiss-Fischmann, at a press event earlier this week, she said it was finally time. "So many people want to buy nail polish online now," she said. "I tried to stay true to our salon roots, but it's time to move with the times." If that means we can now buy our favorite OPI colors from the comfort of our beds, we're all for it!

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Getting a manicure sounds easy, but in reality, it takes a lot of patience, knowledge, and a kit with some professional nail products. Some online influencers recommend different brands or tools. However, if you want to create a long-lasting manicure, you should focus on the brands, products, and tools that professional nail technicians recommend.

After I had a baby in 2012, I did not go back to my job as a financial analyst at the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco. Instead, I used my analytical skills and nine years of college education to make sense of home and body products. Since then, I have become a sought-after speaker and a consultant for consumers, manufacturers, and online retailers. To see what documentary film I was interviewed for, visit my About page.

Where to buy gel nail polish online? You've come at the right place. Check out our selection of popular brands of gel polish such as CND Shellac, Gelish, Daisy Gel, OPI Gelcolor, and IBD Just Gel. Not only the colors, we also have the base & top coat, gel nail supplies, starter kits and the lamps. We strive to bring the latest color collection. Just want regular nail polish? We have them too! Morgan Taylor and CND Vinylux are professional quality nail polishes.

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